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12 Ways to Motivate Your Team

In the ever-changing world of employment, businesses need to think differently about how to keep their teams motivated. They must become more intuitive and move away from the predictable and un-inspiring traditional ways of leading. Furthermore, team members want to be heard; they want to know that their contributions are being noticed. Motivated people enjoy their jobs and perform well, so try these powerful tips to motivate your team to ensure they are giving their very best.


  1. Keep The Team Happy

    Happy employees are enthusiastic and positive members of the team, and their attitude is infectious. Keep an eye to make sure they are happy with their work, their employer and you. If they’re not, their discontent could gather momentum and spread to other team members.

  2. Don’t Punish Failure

    We all make mistakes, that’s what makes us human. The key is to learn valuable lessons from those mistakes to avoid repeating them. When members of your team make honest mistakes, don’t punish them, encourage them to try again. Put the necessary time in to help them discover the cause of the mistake and work on ways to prevent any future problems.

  3. Make People Feel Appreciated

    One of the greatest needs of each person is the need of being appreciated. Very often appreciation is a greater reward than money. Acknowledge any unique contributions that are made by individuals or the team as a whole.

  4. Set Clear Goals

    As a leader, it’s your job to work with the members of your team to set clear goals. And once you do that, make sure everyone knows exactly what those goals are, what their relative priority is, and what the team’s role is in reaching them.

  5. Encourage Self-development

    The members of your team will be more valuable to you and themselves when they have opportunities to learn new skills. Provide your team with the training they need to advance in their careers. Introduce a mentoring programme that is a great opportunity to motivate both mentor and mentee.

  6. Don’t Micromanage

    No one likes a boss who is constantly looking over their shoulder. In fact, in a survey carried out by Forbes, 38% of employees reported that they would prefer to take on unpleasant activities rather than sit next to a micromanaging boss. Provide your people with clearly defined tasks and then let them figure out the best way to carry them out. Guide where you need to but do not micromanage.

  7. Offer the Opportunity to Grow

    If people know that everything is going to be the same all the time, they will lose the motivation to work at full capacity. Make sure that their commitment and hard work leads to new professional success.

  8. Foster Team Collaboration

    Encourage all members of your team to fully participate by inviting their input and suggestions on how to do things better. Ask questions, listen to their answers, and, whenever possible, implement their solutions.

  9. Provide a Pleasant Place to Work

    Everyone wants to work in an office environment that is clean and stimulating. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make an office a more pleasant place to be.

  10. Don’t Let Your Team Become Bored

    If you want your team to be enthusiastic and productive, then avoid routine. Make their work as interesting and engaging as you can.

  11. Pay Your Team What They Are Worth

    When you set your employees’ salaries, be sure that their pay is consistent with what other companies in your industry and geographic area are paying. Don’t lose great people because you’re underpaying them.

  12. Fun-time Friday

    Work doesn’t have to feel like work all the time; every hard-working team needs a little downtime. Plan something that the team can look forward to; it could be the last Friday of the month? Some ideas include ordering in takeaway pizza’s, an afternoon of ten-pin bowling or having a team prize giving ceremony, celebrating recent achievements. Try different ideas each month, but remember always to keep it fun.

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