7 Tips To Help You Smile

Do you have a song that when you hear it, it transports you back to a certain time or place? It brings back a wonderful memory? Do you have a favourite photograph that makes you smile every time you look at it? Small items or things can have a big impact on how we feel. Keeping these items around your workplace, in your pocket or even in the car can help to provide a few moments of pleasure or escapism during the day. Below are some suggestions that may help you achieve this.


    If it’s a photograph that has a memory which includes you, then don’t just look at the photo, take a moment to remember how it felt when the photo was taken and allow yourself to actually feel just how fantastic it was.  Feeling that wonderful memory gives a positive boost to the body and mind.


    Have it on your phone or iPod and play it when you can to perk you up and make you smile and lift your mood. Check out the Zing365 music suggestions to help you enjoy life.


    You might as well enjoy those hot drinks so use your favourite mug and if you don’t have one maybe buy one that you really like.


    If you’re a fan of fresh flowers, their beauty, colour and fragrances can really lift your mood.  The workplace may not be suitable for flowers but having some in the house for when you get home can bring a smile to your lips.


    Keep this crystal on you or close by during the day (or at night if you work nights) to help protect yourself from negativity and negative energies from others. Black Tourmaline helps protect against electromagnetic smog given out by electrical devices and mobile phones. It helps protect against negative thoughts and energies from other people and helps to encourage a positive attitude in the bearer of the crystal.  It is also accredited for helping to strengthen the immune system.  As Black Tourmaline absorbs negative energies from the environment around you, place it by a Citrine Crystal at night to clear it.


    This stone is one of abundance helping you to attract wealth, prosperity and success.  It is a stone of happiness and helps you develop a positive attitude and be optimistic about the future. Try keeping one in your pocket for a few weeks and notice any changes that happen or opportunities that come up unexpectedly.  Be open-minded to believing that the crystal can have a positive effect on you.


    The smell of essential oils can help to relax the nervous system, clear the mind, soothe the body or invigorate and refresh.  You can keep a small bottle of essential oil in your desk, bag, locker or at home ready for when you feel the need for its fragrance.  (Please seek advice on suitable essential oils before using and any contraindications)


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