Equal Opportunities - Birmingham - 06/05/2020

Course Overview

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training 

Workshop summary 

Our approach to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion training is to help to prompt client’s colleagues to ‘stop and think’.  The ultimate outcome is that participants will be more mindful of what they say (and how they behave), where they say it, and who their audience is.  This behaviour change starts with an understanding of why we hold the views that we do, the impact that these can have on others, and how to take the first steps in challenging ourselves and others.   

To encourage this behaviour change, our half-day course will enable participants to: 

  1. Describe what attitudes and behaviours might be considered ‘unacceptable’ and why; 
  2. Explain what unconscious bias is and how it can impact our behaviour and decision making; 
  3. Identify where personal change can bring benefit and explore ways of achieving this; 
  4. Provide the tools and skills to confidently challenge other people’s behaviours and attitudes; 
  5. Clearly state our clients expectations of behaviour and the potential consequences of not meeting these expectations.  

Workshop Content 

  • Explain what Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are and what they mean to your Organisation, it’s employees, and its customers; 
  • Recognise your own unconscious bias and how this can impact on your behaviour and decision making;  
  • List the benefits of having an inclusive culture and develop an action plan to embed this within your service area and your Organisation; 
  • Champion Equality, Diversity and Inclusion; and confidently challenge behaviours which do not live up to your Organisations expectations and conform with legislation; 
  • Identify where personal change is necessary and create strategies to achieve these. 


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