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Ensure that individuals and teams are equipped with the skills and behaviours necessary in order that we can deliver great customer service.

Key Objectives

  • Develop a customer focussed culture within the department
  • Project a professional image when communicating with internal and external customers
  • Understand the impact we have on customers (negative and positive)
  • Adopt a pro-active approach to profitable growth
  • Deal confidently with challenging situations
  • Manage self and work load effectively
  • Deliver a consistent, efficient, customer focussed service

Module One: Customer Service and Personal Effectiveness

This module is designed to ensure that individuals and teams are equipped with the skills and behaviours necessary in order that we can deliver great customer service. It will enable you to handle difficult situations and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Time Management is vital to successful people. The aim is to know how they use their time, how they waste their time and to identify when they work best. Planning activities and prioritising tasks is vital.


  • What does good customer service look like? What are your customers’ expectations?
  • Understanding the consequences of poor service
  • What are the barriers and challenges?
  • Identify effective professional communication over the telephone, written and face-to-face
  • Understanding your personal impact – what impression do you create?
  • Handle customer complaints and objections successfully
  • Improving personal organisation: self and time management
  • Understand how you work and identifying areas for improvement
  • Prioritising tasks
  • Managing disruptions and interruptions

Module Two: Business Development

This module is designed to understand why people buy and how to sell. It will enable you to take a proactive role to identify and respond to customers’ needs.


  • Understand what makes people buy
  • Listen for cross-selling up-selling opportunities
  • Using effective questioning techniques to create sales opportunities using case studies
  • Understanding features and benefits
  • Overcoming objections and resistance
  • Closing techniques

Module Three: Negotiation, Influencing and Persuading Skills

The ability to positively influence and negotiate effectively is needed by all delegates. The emphasis is on positive win-win situations. A range of strategies will be introduced to adopt in any negotiation situation.


  • Identifying different types of negotiation
  • Preparing for negotiation
  • Recognising non-negotiation situations
  • Structuring negotiations for win-win outcome
  • Demonstrating how to negotiate
  • Negotiating non price issues
  • Influencing skills
  • Powers of persuasion
  • Review and evaluation

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