Advanced Presentation Skills

The skills and techniques of the effective presenter can always be refined and developed. The ability to present powerfully and persuasively with confidence and authority is a key executive competency.

What is it all about?
Attending this course will allow you to:
  • Gain objective feedback from two trainers, video recordings and analysis
  • Explore innovative ways of delivering your presentations
  • Focus attention on the key issues and generate audience interest and acceptance of your message
  • Deliver more polished and powerful presentations using voice, tone and body language to maximise impact, persuasion and effectiveness
  • Develop skills to ensure your message is understood, persuasive and remembered
What will you learn?
Self-awareness and Personal Power
  • Analysing verbal and non-verbal contributions
  • Examining your own image and credibility
  • Reinforcing your strengths and improving areas of weakness
  • Building confidence – key techniques
  • Identifying your own idiosyncrasies and using them to make a difference
  • Fine tuning your body language, voice, tone and use of language

  • Understanding communication – what makes successful communication?

Differentiating your Presentations and Fine Tuning your Style
  • Speaking with power, authority and confidence
  • Dynamic delivery – adding variety and innovation
  • Establishing rapport with the audience – how to maintain their attention and interest
  • Presenting with enthusiasm, conviction and commitment to motivate your audience
Who should attend?

Experienced presenters who want to build and develop existing skills and deliver more dynamic presentations that will be remembered for having the power to influence and persuade.

How long?

1/2 Day

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Advanced Presentation Skills
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