Business Development Academy

Key Objectives

  • To develop a client contact and relationship management strategy
  • Produce a clear ‘road map’ for the future
  • To build, and continuously develop, the skills required to develop your account effectively
  • Improve business revenues and up-selling opportunities
  • Improving personal organisation, self & time management skills
  • Improving business meeting skills
  • Improve assertiveness, influencing & communication skills
  • Establish KPI’s and tools to provide monitoring/evaluations to measure results

Who should attend?

All Business Development and Sales Managers or anyone with a new business target

Course length

6 days delivered over 3-4 months

Day One: Planning for Success

  • Having a conscious Business & Account Development Plan and framework
  • What is the ‘end goal’?
  • What do clients want, believe, need?
  • What is driving client behaviour?
  • How can we change current behaviour? What changes do we want?
  • How can we grow our share & revenue?
  • Where should we focus resources and time going forward?
  • Should we ‘ditch’ the underperforming clients? Who are they?
  • What service levels are appropriate for each client?
  • How can we better understand client relationships and how can they move up to a higher level?
  • What are the liking ‘detours and bumps’ in the road along the way?
  • Identify the best strategies for developing business in the future
  • Evaluate the competition
  • Improve planning & organisation skills
  • Personal/team goals & objectives

Day Two: Personal Effectiveness & Self Awareness

  • Identifying personal strengths and areas for improvement (personal SWOT analysis)
  • Understanding how you work, your communication and selling styles using Insights Discovery – a preference based psychometric tool
  • Assess your current sales and business development skills and areas for development
  • Feedback – creating a culture of ‘open’ feedback to directors, managers and the team
  • Effective communication skills and how to adapt to connect with others
  • Understanding your personal effectiveness, assertiveness and self-confidence
  • Understanding how you work manage your time and identifying areas for improvement
  • Prioritising tasks
  • Effective Delegation
  • Managing Disruptions & Interruptions
  • Planning and scheduling business development activities
  • Organisation skills
  • Managing yourself and the resources at your disposal

Day Three & Four: Business Development & Account Management

  • Understanding the clients requirements
  • Relationship Management v required service levels
  • Growing your account– profiling your clients and analysing potential for growth
  • Commercial Awareness – maximising value from existing accounts and clients
  • Prospect qualification & helping the clients select the right risks
  • Understanding the buying and selling process and how we can support each stage
  • Consultative Selling
  • Building and proactively managing a ‘live’ pipeline of clients and the right leads
  • Sales funnel/pipeline and conversion rates
  • Agreement on the sales objectives and developing the win strategy
  • Win theme - Defining your concept and unique suitability to supply
  • Developing your relationship with the buyer network (who are the decision makers, what are they looking for, how can you influence them?)
  • Creating compelling reasons to work with you
  • Introducing new products & services at the right time
  • Listening out for cross and up-selling opportunities
  • Effective questioning techniques to create sales opportunities (SPIN and Funnel techniques)
  • When to cross-sell and when to up-sell
  • Understanding Features and Benefits of each product/service offered
  • Understanding and overcoming objections & resistance
  • Managing the sales meeting:
    • Preparation
    • Setting objectives
    • Agendas – preparing and distributing
  • Creating a professional image and positive first impressions
  • Making quality contacts - Develop a network strategy and plan

Day Five (am): Negotiating and Influencing Brokers, Underwriters and other colleagues (1/2 day programme)

The ability to influence positively and negotiate effectively is needed by all Business Development and Sales Managers. The objective of strategic sales negotiation is to maximise both profitability and the potential for long-term partnering. Strategic sales negotiation skills can be applied to all client negotiations. Participants learn of the psychology and the disciplines of negotiating so they can create acceptable ‘win-win’ situations. The emphasis of this course is on positive assertive influencing. Delegates are introduced to a range of strategies to adopt in any given negotiation situation.



  • Types of negotiation
  • Recognising non-negotiating situations
  • Why negotiate?
  • Preparing for negotiations
  • Analysing needs, priorities, trading options and costs, to build the optimum negotiation plan
  • Structuring negotiations
  • Influencing strategies, and how to use them
  • Communications skills
  • Win-win outcomes
  • Closing the negotiations
  • The SPIN® model for developing needs

Day Five (pm): Presenting with Confidence

By the end of this half day module, delegates will become more confident in handling client meetings & presentations, presenting their offering to clients and speaking assertively during internal meetings. Participants will also be able to communicate more skilfully with a greater awareness of how to achieve an appropriate impact.

  • Developing a confident and professional style
  • Get the message across with more impact and professionalism
  • Deliver polished presentations with confidence and credibility
  • Project the right image and win more pitches
  • Dealing with presentations nerves and understand what holds us back
  • The power of body language – eye contact, movement and gestures
  • Building rapport - connecting with your audience, encouraging response and participation
  • Speaking with power and authority – vocal skills, language, tone, pace and pauses
  • Handling questions effectively
  • Closing the presentation and agreeing next steps
  • Eliminating bad habits and mannerisms
  • Understanding persuasion and using persuasive language

Day Six: Review, Evaluation & Feedback

The final session will take place approximately two to three weeks after day 5. During this workshop we will review and reflect on all the topics covered in the programme. Feedback is gathered from the group via individual presentations, evaluate their improved performance, review project work and assess action plans for the future.

Typically we would ask the delegates to consider the following questions and prepare a 15-20 minute presentation:

  • What did you gain from the programme?
  • Which topics were of most interest?
  • Were there areas that were not covered or require further discussion?
  • What do you plan to do as a result of the programme?
  • What ideas do you have to achieve business growth and increase profitability?
  • How do you plan to approach Business Development in the future?
  • What would you like your account to look like in 3-5 years
  • What changes do you, personally, need to make to achieve these goals?
  • What support (if any) do you need from the management team to support your goals?


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