High Performance Leadership Academy

Increase your self-knowledge and levels of Emotional Intelligence. Improve your leadership skills and enhance your leadership performance. Improve stakeholder management to secure long-term strategic business relationships

Key Objectives

  • Increase your self-knowledge and levels of Emotional Intelligence
  • Improve your leadership skills and enhance your leadership performance
  • Improve stakeholder management to secure long-term strategic business relationships
  • Create high performing teams able to deliver business results
  • Create a framework for a more sustainable organisation
  • Create possibilities for imaginative and inspirational leadership
  • Build capability for leading through challenging times
  • Increase strategic awareness skills in order to execute the business strategy and align teams
  • Develop the leadership skills required to create a culture of growth and innovation
  • Prepare and implement personal change programmes

Module One: Planning for Success: Model the way and Share the Vision

A motivating workshop to set the scene and ‘launch’ the whole High Performance Leadership programme allowing the delegates to:



  • What is calling you to a leadership role?
  • What challenges do you face?


  • What does your challenge mean to you?
  • What are your leadership gifts?


  • What do you want to change?
  • What could stop you?


  • What needs to happen now?
  • Can you imagine a new future?


  • How can you make it real for you and others?
  • Who else needs to be engaged?


Key topics: 

  • Obsessions of a highly successful organisation – including Strategy, Marketing, Teams, Resources
  • Characteristics of highly effective teams
  • SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) individual, team and business
  • Review group and department goals & objectives – short, medium and long term
  • Success, disappointment and current challenges
  • Developing the ‘Grand Plan’ – where are we going and how will you get there?
  • How can we achieve measurable improvements in organisational performance?
  • Evaluate current team efficiency and areas for improvement
  • Satisfying and communicating with a range of key stakeholders

Evening High Performance Leadership Assignment: in 2 groups conduct a SWOT Analysis of your main competitor OR create a business case to sell a new product/service/solution to your CEO/the Board/largest client

Module Two: Self Awareness – Understanding your Management & Leadership Style

  • Understanding the difference between operational management and leadership
  • Key leadership and management functions – what are they are how are we performing?
  • Review of insightful outcomes of 360 degree feedback report
  • Identifying personal strengths and areas for improvement (personal SWOT analysis)
  • Feedback – creating a culture of ‘open’ feedback to directors, managers and the team
  • Understanding how you work and your leadership style using:
    • Insights Discovery – a preference based psychometric tool & 360 degree feedback system - evaluating current performance and future potential to develop leadership skills and identify areas for talent management and succession planning
  • Developing your Emotional Intelligence in order to become a more rounded leader
  • Effective communication skills – understanding your style and how to adapt to better lead and influence others
  • Understanding your personal effectiveness, assertiveness and self-confidence
  • Honing your planning, organising and prioritising skills to enable you to finding the time to become a strategic leader


Interim High Performance Leadership Assignment: Practise tools and techniques to manage your assertiveness levels, maximise your Emotional Intelligence and improve your planning, organising and prioritising skills on day to day business activities. Prepare to report back on the successes/ further key development areas at Module 3.

Module Three: Strategy into Action, Driving Growth, Innovation and Realising Results

When tasked with implementing strategy and you need to equip yourself with the necessary tools to turn strategy into action and achieve excellent business results. This programme will provide senior managers with key skills to implement, execute and align strategy successfully:


Key topics:

  • The execution challenge: assessing key accelerators, and inhibitors to growth and change PESTLE analysis of company (political, economic, social, technological, legal, environmental)
  • Working with goals: strategic thinking and planning; mapping goals
  • Achieving productive collaboration: the vision. How to align strategy people, architecture, routines and culture behind the vision and strategy
  • Analysing the effects of globalisation, the importance of value capture and competitive and positional advantage in order to achieve significant growth
  • Creating a culture of growth and innovation where a healthy attitude to making some creative mistakes and managing risk is acknowledged
  • The key strategic challenges facing global organisations: top tips and case studies from relevant Fortune 500 CEOs


Evening High Performance Leadership Assignment: Exercise in 2 groups: What changes would you make to the current overall business strategy and your departmental strategy?

Module Four: Creating a High Performing Team

Nowadays managing and leading teams has become more complex as team members often have varying needs and motivators, team goals and results need to be aligned with the overall business strategy, and many leaders are managing diverse virtual teams. The leader’s team management skills can be developed using a variety of practical tools and techniques to create individual, team and business success.


Key topics:

  • Team Needs Questionnaire to establish which skills and behaviours need to be developed in order to create a high performing team within an open, trust based culture
  • Key factors as to why most teams fail – the most common dysfunctions of teams, roles and behaviours which undermine team success
  • Where does your team sit on the High Performance Curve and what actions need to be implemented to achieve success?
  • Profiling of high performance teams and establishing your team contract around responsibilities and processes to ensure high performance
  • Practical delegation and empowerment models to engender a culture of trust , ownership, coaching, talent management and development
  • Securing commitment and accountability: using incentives; winning support and influencing actions. How to harness the power of your people (as assess where the resistance is)
  • Setting KPIs, having the difficult conversations, managing performance and interpersonal disputes, and aligning the team with the overall business strategy


Interim High Performance Leadership Assignment: Discuss, develop and implement your team contracts back in the business, assess progress and report back on successes and future key developments in Module 5.

Module Five: The Changing Nature of Leadership: A Coaching Approach to Leading and a Leaders Guide to Negotiating and Influencing

There is no doubt that the definition of leadership is changing. It has changed in the last five years and will shift even further in the next five. But what is contributing to this shift? In difficult trading conditions, we are all under pressure to deliver improved business results Leadership approaches need to focus on flexibility, collaboration, crossing boundaries, integrity and collective, inspirational leadership are expected to become high priority.

This module has been designed to enable you to understand the changing nature of leadership and how you need to adapt in this fluid environment to:


  • Strive for excellence
  • Exceed expectations of a range of key stakeholders
  • Review of traditional leadership styles and the move towards a more collective, inspirational style where coaching is encouraged
  • Achieve measurable improvements in business performance


What makes a good leader?

  • Responsibilities, skills & attributes of leaders as opposed to operational managers


The changing nature of leadership:

  • How has leading within an organisation changed in the last 5-10 years?
  • How is it likely to change in the future and how should we prepare?
  • What are the triggers and responses to these changes?
  • What is the potential cost of overlooking critical aspects of complex future challenges?


Creating effective working relationships is one of the most powerful ways to achieve business success. People skills are often described as ‘soft skills’, but there’s nothing soft about the impact they can have on your business performance. As a manager or leader, using your influence positively, working with others and getting things done through other people is critical to delivering your business objectives.

This session will show you how to enhance your people skills to get the results you want.


  • Coaching – supporting and encouraging others to manage their own development for improved performance
  • Creating a culture of coaching throughout the organisation
  • Understanding your relationships and adapting your style to different individuals
  • Improving top level negotiating and influencing skills using the most successful consultative sales models
  • How to make those tough leadership decisions


Evening High Performance Leadership Assignment: In 2 groups use your leadership judgement skills to identify the most appropriate solution to 2 scenarios (provided by Zing) Report back on the reasoning behind your chosen solution

Module Six: Leading Change and Building Resilience

This module facilitates your exploration of the best approaches to managing and leading change. You will take both the latest and the tried-and-tested ideas, strip them apart and apply them to your own needs.

We will work alongside you to craft your own unique approach to delivering on the strategy and managing and leading change.

  • Identify where your company sits on the change curve, and where individual managers and their teams are placed
  • Develop practical tools and techniques in order to lead and manage change in an more organised and effective way
  • Better understand the different types of organisational change and identify how to manage the most common reactions to change
  • Work with the company culture so that it supports success rather than gets in the way prohibits it
  • Communicate the right messages at the right time for the right people
  • Key facts and figures to emphasise the importance of managing change, uncertainty and pressure
  • Identify individual levels of resilience and make the personal changes you need to be an effective change leader
  • Take control of change, uncertainty and pressure rather than let it happen to you
  • Understand how to identify stress and resistance in team members and practise tools and techniques to manage sensitive situations and create a balance
  • Identify how to ‘bounce back’ from major set-backs


Interim High Performance Leadership Assignment: Assess the impact of your revised approach to managing, leading and coping with change. Report back the successes and further key development areas in Module 8.

Module Seven: Team Graduation Day (out on the water!)
We strongly believe that taking a day away from the normal class room environment is an essential to the success of our High Performance Leadership Academy. Taking people outside of their comfort zones and providing them with the opportunity to apply their leadership skills in a new and challenging environment is an exciting and highly memorable prospect. Our team sailing challenge will support the learning process by:
  • Increasing self-confidence and building self esteem
  • Developing teamwork and mutual trust
  • Providing an opportunity to take responsibility in a challenge environment
  • Gaining respect for self and others
  • Learning from ‘hands on’ experiences
  • Overcoming challenges and the ability to solve problems
  • Practising leadership skills
  • Honing communication skills
  • Through on the spot coaching ensuring that managers do not ‘revert to type’ under pressure!
  • We sail whatever the weather - we can include a number of challenging and enjoyable team build activities if there is little wind (climbing the mast, racing sail hoists, business games etc..) and gale force winds offering some most memorable sailing days!
  • No previous sailing experience needed
  •  Sea sickness can occur if conditions are rough – I would recommend prevention is always better than cure – so anyone susceptible should take tablets just in case!
  • All wet weather gear is supplied – so just sports clothing and suitable footwear (trainers are ok) required
  • It is more fun if you get involved so everyone is encouraged to have a go at all aspects of sailing the boat –
Module Eight: Review, Evaluation & Feedback
The final part of the High Performance Leadership Programme is to gather feedback via individual presentations to evaluate improved performance and assess SMART action plans for the future. Delegates are asked to prepare and deliver 20-30 minute presentations to the group considering the following areas:
  • What did you gain from the programme?
  • What did you learn about yourself? What are your key areas for development and how will you address these?
  • What proactive steps/actions have you taken during the programme?
  • What do you plan to do as a result of the programme and the topics covered?
  • What strategic ideas do you have to achieve business growth and increase profitability?
  • What changes to you personally need to make to achieve your goals? What do you want/need to do more of/less of?
  • What support do you need from your personal coach and peer group achieve your goals?
  • When are why are you likely to ‘revert to type’ and how can you prevent this?
  2 x Group Presentations of 30 minutes each on the business projects they have worked on throughout the programme.
  Evaluation and sustainability are possibly the most important aspects of any leadership development programme. Talent development is not an overnight process and needs on-going support to ensure any improvements are embedded into the culture and long-term change is achieved. Zing is committed to a rigorous evaluation process and working in partnership with you we will continue to provide Executive Coaching sessions for all attendees to further embed the leadership development and improve key development areas.

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