How to Accelerate Growth of your Business Academy

Plan for success. Build the plan. Execute your plan for success.

Day One: Planning for Success
An energising, motivating and informative session designed to kick start the whole programme allowing us to refocus our minds away from the day-to-day operational challenges we all face, towards strategic thinking and business planning. We will review the components of strategy and the need for strategic planning. Topics will include:
  • Differences between strategic and operational management
  • Understand where are you now?
    • How well is your business performing and what is your potential for growth?
    • What is holding you back?
    • What will drive you forward?
  • Developing the ‘Grand Plan’ – creating a road map to get your business where you want it to be in 3, 5, 10 years’ time.
  The 3 Obsessions of Highly Successful Agencies:
  • Strategy
    • Your vision for the future
    • What you are trying to achieve (growth, profitability, diversification, succession planning etc..)
    • Planning how you will get there
    • Trade-offs – what are the consequences of your decisions (or not making decisions)?
    • How to create time to work ‘ON’ your business not just ‘IN’ it
  • Marketing
    • Deciding on clients’ you want (size, location, industry sector, fee levels etc.), How will you win them? What do they want/need from us?
    • Creating a client centric approach to business development
    • Understanding ‘Customer Lifetime Value’
    • Who are your main competitors? What do you offer over competitors?
    • What do you want to communicate to your clients & prospects?
    • What is the right ‘marketing’ mix? (Networking, advertising, social media, mail-shot/e-shot, referrals, referrers/introducers, sponsorship, events, web, PR etc.)
  • Teams/People
    • Most businesses have some kind of ‘people problems’ – what are yours and how can you minimise them?
    • We can’t do it alone – you need the support of your team & external partners
    • You need a high performing team behind you
    • Change/growth adds additional pressures (growing pains!). What are you likely to be and how can you prepare for them?
    • Highly successful teams need:
      • Skills/knowledge
      • Motivation
      • Inspirational leadership
      • Management & Direction
      • Clear communication
Day Two: Building the Plan

Our second day will provide you with a ‘Strategic Business Planning Toolkit’ of techniques, best practice and templates to help you create your long term strategic plan. Templates will be provided to support the process. We will also explore our current capability to grow the business in line with the plan and create a plan to close any gaps.

  • How to develop a strategic plan that achieves long term profitable growth, whilst retaining existing clients and delivering great service.
  • Strategy Tools:
    • SWOT Analysis: Analysing our internal and external environment
    • The McKinsey 7 S model
    • Growth Strategies: Ansoff Matrix
    • Competitive Position Analysis: Strategic Matrix and Options
    • HEMP (Highly Effective Marketing Plan)
    • Force Field Analysis
    • Significant Risk Analysis
  • Key components of a strategic plan:
    • Vision & Mission
    • Objectives (short and long term goals)
    • Strategies (how we will achieve our goals and objectives)
    • Action Plans (the engine that makes a great strategic plan work)
  • Establishing Key Performance Indicators and Critical Success Factors
  • Financial planning tools to support your strategic plan:
    • Initial development of a budget
    • Flexing the budget to see the impact of key decisions
    • Monitoring the budget against actual performance
    • Development of financial Key Performance Indicators to help assess performance
  • Auditing internal capabilities and competencies required for future growth:
    • Resources (Financial resources, technology, space, people skills, products, services etc)
    • Experience (Appropriate management experience of growing a business, competing in competitive markets etc.)
    • Controls & Systems (Information management, financial controls, systems, planning, process, monitoring, management, communication, organisational structure etc.)
    • Ideas & Innovation (Generation of ideas from team, number & quality of new ideas, profitable ideas, innovative processes, creativity etc.)
    • Leadership (Participation by Agents and the management team, focus, vision, training, experience, attitude to staff development, attitude to change, level of commitment etc.)
  • Stakeholder Analysis - Recognising strengths and developing each individual’s potential

Day Three: Executing your Plan for Success

Our final day ensures that you can turn your strategic thinking and plans into actions which can be managed and evaluated. We will explore the leadership skills, practical tools and techniques required to create individual, team and business success.

  • Master planning – putting together your strategic plan
  • Formulating required business and actions plans to deliver the strategy
  • Shift from reactive to proactive stance
  • Learn to absorb high levels of change and pressure whilst maintaining high levels of productivity and service
  • Creating the compelling vision and motivating the team to deliver the plan and build results
  • Leading change and building resilience to cope with a dynamic environment
  • Aligning culture to strategic direction - encouraging high team engagement
  • Clarity of structure, roles and responsibilities
  • Creating a sales culture without compromising on current service
  • Involving the team – team meetings, sharing ideas, problem solving, training
  • Setting up metrics to measure performance – ensure visible results
  • Monitoring progress and rewarding success


Review, Evaluation & Feedback

We will end the day with a session to reflect on the topics covered, progress made and next steps.

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How to Accelerate Growth of your Business Academy
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