Marine Hull: Risk Assessment & Underwriting

To give an overview of Marine Hull Risk Assessment.


1 day

About the course

To give an overview of Marine Hull Risk Assessment:

  • the information needed from shipowners
  • the considerations for accepting Hull business
  • the rating process for Hull risks

Course Objectives

The objectives of the course are to:

  • explain the types of Marine Hull risks
  • understand the rating considerations taken into account when underwriting Hull business
  • understand the thoughts of Underwriters when rating Hull Business

Workshop Content

  • World Trade, volumes and Trading patterns
  • the principal types of vessels and their susceptibility to loss
  • the most commonly found hazardous voyages
  • risk assessment factors for insuring Hulls
  • the factors which determine the Hull rate including Type of Vessel; Flag; Classification; Ownership and Management and the type of insurance cover
  • Hull Trading conditions and the geographical location problems they may present
  • the effect of different types of ship finance arrangements
  • variations in ship valuation and the implications for premium rating
  • the risk assessment factors for Hull War & Strikes insurance
  • the risk assessment factors for Hulls Port Risks and Builders’ Risks
  • loss prevention and Risk Management – the methods used and their importance
  • the importance and significance of statistics for Marine Hull underwriters

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