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Dealing with Stress in Customer Service

Customer service can often be a stressful job. A higher frequency of complaints, problems, and insults lead to greater exposure to stress. Dealing with customers and problems is much more difficult when you allow the consequences of stress to affect your performance. Here are some simple tips that will help you stay on track if you feel stressed at work.


    Complaints from an angry customer are not good examples of controlled emotion. By forcing yourself to control your encounters and maintain composure, you can reduce the effects of what can be very stressful scenarios. Remember that you are in control of any interaction and despite what may be occurring, the customer is normally a rational person. Don’t get tempted to use a strong emotional response and instead channel your energies into attempting to achieve a composed, professional resolution to the issue.


    Focus on what you can do, and then go ahead and do it. Chronic worriers tend to focus on what they cannot do, what should be happening, or how things are going wrong. Replace worry with problem-solving so that you identify where you can step in and achieve a resolution. A simple change of outlook can reduce the harmful consequences of stress incredibly.


    We all have different mechanisms that help us cope with stress in the workplace. Whether your preference is taking five minutes to listen to music; finding the time to get some physical exercise; or even channelling your stress into a hobby, it’s important to know which is the right method for you. Knowing you have something to support you when you’re stressed is very reassuring and beneficial.


    While it is always important to maintain a certain degree of personal involvement in any customer service, you cannot allow a situation to affect you personally. Remember that while you are aiming to help the customer, you need to come to an objective resolution. Remember to see any emotion as a consequence and try to listen to what is being said, not the way it is being said. Empathy is essential to providing good customer service and the top tips on Developing Empathy will help you master this. However, focus on the complaint and fix it, not the emotion involved.


    Remember that each stressful experience is preparation for one in the future. The more you experience the sensation, the better you will become with dealing with stress and its implications in the workplace. By choosing to deal with issues, like confusion and anger, which derive from stressful encounters, you will become a better experienced, more resilient individual. By knowing that you can rely on your experiences in the future, you can turn what might feel like a negative, into a positive learning experience.

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