Delivering Your Strategy

Once you have developed a strategy, you need to plan how best to deliver it to ensure that your strategic plan becomes a reality. This article takes you through a number of steps to follow to effectively implement delivering your strategy.

Communicating Your New Strategic Plan

Ask employees to attend an informational company meeting about an exciting new strategy.

  1. Explain the reasons for the strategy. Detail where the old strategy fell short and what you hope to achieve with the new one. Give specifics whenever possible.
  2. Roll out the new strategy with excitement and energy. Refer to handouts, if applicable, and demonstrate how the new process will better suit the company needs.
  3. Run down a list of differences between the previous strategy and the new one. Illustrating the differences between the two will help convince the team of the benefits of the change.
  4. Solicit questions from the team. Allow them to express their concerns and find answers together.
  5. Schedule a follow-up meeting to allow teammates to ask more detailed questions after they’ve had time to communicate with one another. Be prepared to repeat the new strategy frequently and nudge employees towards the changes as necessary.

Define Metrics, Timelines and Responsibilities

  • Create the detail behind your strategies: namely, how success will be measured, the timeframe and who will be responsible.
  • Metrics: How will success on this strategy/tactic be measured? What is the desired outcome from the strategy/tactic?
  • Timelines: When should it start and when should it be finished? Which strategies/tactics are urgent because they have other strategies/tactics contingent on their completion?
  • Roles, responsibilities and resources: Who and what is needed to ensure success? Who will be accountable for each element of its success?

Measure Progress in the Strategic Plan

You can measure how well strategic plan implementation is progressing through key indicators such as revenue, gross sales and the number of new customers.

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