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Effective Leadership Action Plan

This article will give you some ideas on how to plan to deliver effective leadership. If you can make sure you have worked through each of the areas your team will be more able to understand your vision and follow you to achieve your team goals.

Clarify and present your vision

Make sure that all your team understands the ultimate goal. Try to be specific and detail the standards required to enable them to achieve the required result. How you present your vision is as important as the content. Eye contact, facial expressions, hand gestures, tone of voice, inclusion words such as “we”, “us”, “our” and enthusiasm, all contribute to the increased impact and inspiration of the message. Making a vision easily understood is critical. Use terms that are easily understood, unambiguous, and as simple as possible. There are a lot of clear mission statements out there, for example, Nike in the 1960s: “Crush Adidas.”

Generate ideas

Take time to generate alternative ways to reach your goal. There is always more than one viable way of reaching your destination.

Evaluate risks and alternatives

Follow the process of creativity by evaluating your ideas against your vision. Remember to review risk likelihood and impact. Which ones seem to present the best fit with what you are trying to achieve? While simple works, easy does not. An element of challenge is critical. Research shows that vision discussions that were ambitious and difficult were actually perceived as a plus by employees.

Define the tasks

Make sure every member understands what has to be done and why.  Allocate responsibility for each task to individual members of your team. At any level in the organisation, the challenge for employees is to try to convert the vision into their day job. By mentioning specific tasks, actions, and behaviours that bring the vision to life, you can help employees convert the concept into practice. The trick is to create a solid vision statement that is easily translatable to everyone in the team into actions on their day-to-day job.

Plan your time

Schedule the tasks in priority order. How long should each task take? Are some dependent on others?  Work out what can be run in parallel and which need to be completed before another stage can begin.


Don’t procrastinate.  Get on and do what you have all decided to do.


Keep an eye on progress. How well is the plan working in practice? Listen to team members and make adjustments or adopt a contingency plan as appropriate.


Review the outcome in order to learn and improve next time around. People learn from success, so identify what went well before moving on to suggestions for improvement.


Acknowledge the success of your team. Try to think of something other than money. Novelty rewards can be well received as long as they are given with genuine spirit.


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