finding time for personal development

Finding Time for Personal Development

Personal development is the process of evaluating your own individual skills and qualities while considering what you want from your life. It involves honest reflection, realistic goal setting, and a drive to maximise your own potential. Work and other commitments, however, often make finding time for personal development a challenge. Here are some tips to help you.

Here are some tips to assist in finding time for personal development.


    Many people treat personal development as something they ‘have to do’. Personal development should be something to look forward to. If approached like a chore, it is easier to prioritise other things over personal development. However, by making it exciting and fulfilling, your personal development will mean much more to you and will, therefore, be prioritised much higher. Make your personal development something you look forward to, and it will be far easier to find the time for it.

  2. PLAN

    It’s very important to consistently work on personal development. Despite having other commitments, set aside the appropriate time you think you need for your personal development and schedule it. This way, you will be consistently working on your personal development and will make far fewer sacrifices for it.


    Despite living busy lives, we all have a little time per day where we can fit in personal development. Be it a weeknight evening or a weekend afternoon, use your time wisely if you seriously want to focus on personal development. Take opportunities to read a book; watch an online webinar; learn a new skill, or do some exercise. Use your free time to benefit your happiness and health.


    Assertiveness is a communication skill that can be used to get your point across in a calm and managed way. Sometimes it’s as important to say no to a job or request if you feel it may impede your personal development. If you find yourself unable to free up time for personal development, consider whether being a bit more assertive might help you to create some time. The Zing 365 post on Interruptions and Time Wasters may also help with this.


    Personal development is a very individual entity and therefore different people will have different methods that help them develop better. If you continually find yourself feeling unfulfilled with your personal development, it may be that you aren’t using a method that works for you. Find out what kind of learner you are and find a way to develop a style that is fun, engaging, practical, and efficient. If your development is tailored to your learning, it will be far easier to find time to progress.


    Think about ways you can develop on a smaller scale. Find something that helps you make the best use of every moment with development potential. For example, think about using your phone or tablet, perhaps when you’re travelling. You can listen to podcasts; download apps to help you learn or use the device’s notepad to store information. Blinkist ( is a great example of how to learn on the go with key insights from 2000+ best selling non-fiction books to read or listen to in just 15 minutes.

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