Live Online Learning

With the current uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 situation and work arrangements changing suddenly across the UK, Zing365 have created a series of Live Online Learning tools to assist both decision makers and employees in this transition to working remotely in the coming weeks and months.

We’ve always offered much of our training as an online option, but the need now for effective training that can be accessed remotely is more than ever. When designing our online training, we work hard so that we don’t lose all the great functionality and user experience that our learners get from a face to face training session. That’s why our Live Online Learning sessions are very different from training webinars.

Why use our Live Online Learning?

  • Our trainers do not run ‘talk and tell’ sessions where they simply talk over Power Point slides - we believe that online training is just as valuable and important as face-to-face training.
  • Our Online Learning can include countless interactive element, such as polls, group activities and chat, individual questioning and breaks to aid concentration levels.
  • On average, Zing365 Online Learning sessions include some form of delegate participation every 2-3 minutes
  • We can also provide individual 121 coaching & mentoring online for those that require specific remote working needs or assistance.

Due to the increased volume of employees working remotely we have designed some specific Live Online Learning topics to help our clients. However, we are able to design and deliver any soft skill or technical training topic that you require.

Examples of popular online learning topics include:

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Managing teams and people remotely

  • Hosting virtual team meetings
  • Maintaining team community and morale
  • Communicating with remote teams effectively
  • Delegating effectively and ensuring deadlines are met

Mangaging clients and prospects remotely

  • Selling to clients over the phone instead of face to face
  • Hosting virtual client meetings
  • Business development and prospecting skills
  • Cross-selling and maximising opportunities
  • Maintaining relationships and customer service levels

Managing yourself remotely

  • Combating isolation when working from home 
  • Wellbeing tips when working from home
  • Maintaining focus and motivation
  • Setting individual targets and schedules

New Topics

  • Mastering Remote Leadership for the Long-Run
  • Maintaining Focus, & Motivation as the pandemic continues
  • Workplace Wellbeing: Protect people’s physical and mental health
  • Virtual meetings are here to stay so how to make them productive