The Time Has Come - Bristol - 10/06/2020

Course Overview

The Time has Come: Time Management & Getting Things Done  

Workshop summary 

Do you ever find yourself putting off a task you really need and want to get done? Every morning, you tell yourself you will take care of it today and somehow the hours pass and the task is still left undone. 

You are not alone.  We all do it. Despite our best intentions to go to the gym, contact old friends, get that report written, clear out our inbox….. something always seems to get in the way.   No one is immune to the procrastination habit the good news is you break it and can learn techniques to help you plan and prioritise your time so you get those important tasks done effectively and on time.  


What will you learn? 

By the end of this course you will be able to: 

  • Set clear goals and stick to them 
  • Analyse your time management behaviours 
  • Be clear about planning and procrastination 
  • Manage interruptions and delegate where possible  


Workshop Content  

During this fast-paced half day workshop we will give you some great tools and techniques to avoid procrastination and get on with the things that just need to be done.  We will relate effective time management skills to the achievement of your goals, objectives and key tasks. We will help you identify personal development areas through self-assessment and introduce techniques to help you plan, prioritise, and avoid procrastination.  

  • Defining your objectives and setting clear goals 
  • Pro-active planning 
  • Define your tasks and set your priorities on a daily/weekly/monthly basis 
  • Managing yourself and resources at your disposal 
  • Remaining focused: Managing interruptions, distractions and ‘time stealers’ 

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