what motivates you

What Motivates You?

Do you understand what motivates you and how? When setting goals do you consider what will keep you motivated until you achieve success? This article will help you keep on track and provide you with tips to stay motivated.

Comprehending Motivation to Achieve Success

Understanding how we are motivated, and what we are motivated by can help us when we get ‘stuck’.  Often what we are aiming to achieve is a mid to long-term goal.  In order to achieve success, we need to be motivated to keep us on track. When setting goals, you need to consider what your motivating factors are.

  • Why do you want to achieve this goal? 
  • What or who will keep you motivated?
  • What external factors motivate you?
Demonstrating motivation to achieve a specific goal

Using job promotion as an example, let’s look at the following model;-

motivation model

Positive <<>> Negative

Positive – Motivation towards a goal.

“I would like to apply for the Team Leader role as I am ready for a new challenge and more responsibility.”

Negative – Motivation away from something

“I am bored in this role, and the money isn’t enough.”

Focusing on what you want to achieve with a clear goal can help increase motivation as you get closer to achieving success. Visualising what that looks like, how it feels and how this will impact your life means that you have a clear vision of what you are working towards. As you get closer to achieving your goal and you can see yourself getting closer to how you want to feel then that can help increase motivation.

Focusing on moving away from something can be less impactive on motivation as it is not as clear.  The brain doesn’t comprehend ‘don’t want’.   The brain needs something specific to work with so that it can have a clear vision of future goals and so it can recognise how close you are getting and when it has been achieved.

Extrinsic <<>>Intrinsic

Extrinsic – External factor

“When I get promoted my family will be proud of what I have achieved.”

Intrinsic – Internal factor

“When I get promoted I will have a real sense of pride and achievement.  I have worked hard to get to the next level in this company.”

Both factors can help motivate, only one you have full control of.  Extrinsic factors can change, or even be removed, these are better for your short-term goals and will often help you discover the intrinsic motivation.

Being motivated by you, how you think and how you feel is all within your control.  It is also more sustainable as you will discover more ways to be motivated as you achieve the smaller goals and work towards the bigger achievements.

Five tips to help you stay motivated:

  1. Consider setting goals that hit all four points in the model above
  2. Set tasks and small steps with a goal date, that will help you reach each goal so that you achieve ‘small wins’
  3. Check that every goal is something that you want to achieve not what somebody else wants for you
  4. Be honest about how much of a priority each goal is and allocate time accordingly towards it
  5. Share your goals with those around you who you can rely on for support and accountability

Motivated or Inspired?

Can you be motivated if you are not inspired?
Can goals be achieved if you do not have motivation or inspiration?

inspiration quote

Whether your goals are personal or professional aspirations, you must want to achieve them and be prepared to make them a priority.  You have to be ready to make changes in your behaviours, activities and habits to create new ways that will take you closer to your goal.  It is important to surround yourself with people who will support you on your journey.  You may have to distance yourself from those who don’t.

If the goal is not important to you and is not a priority, then you will not be willing to make these changes. You will want to remain as you are and less likely to achieve the goal you have set.

Goals need to be in line with your values and your vision of how you see yourself in the future.  It is important to reflect on what these are for you.  These are the golden thread in what you are and who you choose to become and is a large part of intrinsic motivation.

Inspiration is your positive, intrinsic motivation.  If we are inspired, then we are motivated by something inside us that drives us forward.  It is directly linked to the mindset that wants us to succeed; it is the argument we have inside our head that tells us that the changes we need to make will be worth the outcome of achieving the goal we have set.

It is the mindset that feeds our willpower, our ability to resist short-term temptations to meet long-term goals.  It is the ‘no pain no gain’ mindset.

Mental stimulation, and motivation from within plus a positive goal to aim for, places us on the right path to success.

inspirational quote

Model Source unknown however similar graphic found at From Alexander Kjerulf at http://positivesharing.com/2006/12/why-motivation-by-pizza-doesnt-work/

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