Leading and Motivating Your Team to Success Workshop: Lead and Inspire

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  • Venue: Bristol St. Nicholas House 31-34 High St. England BS1 2AW
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Workshop Summary 

Inspirational leadership is a powerful tool and something that can drive and motivate teams and individuals to achieve their best. This half-day workshop offers an introduction to leadership and a practical guide to how to inspire others. You will leave with a toolkit that will help you start your journey to lead and inspire. 

What will you learn? 

By the end of this course you will be able to: 

* Understand the difference between management and leadership 

* Define your role as a leader 

* Develop specific leadership practices in the workplace 

* Create a leadership plan for your team 

Workshop Content 

Management vs. Leadership 

* Your expectations of a manager vs. a leader 

* Identifying key leadership activities 

* Analysing the skills of key leaders today 

* Defining your role as a leader 

* Understanding your leadership skill set 

* Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses 

* Developing your own leadership style 

* Developing specific leadership skills in the workplace 

* How to motivate and inspire others 

* When and how to raise energy levels 

* Key influencing skills 

* Create a leadership plan for your team 

* Build a personal development plan for your role as a leader 

* Develop an action plan to implement within your team 


“Such a helpful workshop. Afterwards, I felt inspired and had the confidence to try new concepts with my team. Highly recommend it”

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