Stress and Wellbeing Workshop: And Breathe.....

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  • Venue: Birmingham The Studio 7 Cannon Street England B2 5EP
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Workshop Summary 

Stress affects increasing numbers of the working population in the UK workplace which is becoming increasingly demanding. This workshop is designed to offer practical advice and coping strategies as well as a unique insight into the triggers and causes of stress in the workplace environment and how best resilience can be built up. 

What will you learn? 

* How to maintain healthy stress levels and increase personal wellbeing 

* Recognising the warning signs 

* Acquiring proven switching-off skills to relax and recover after work 

* The importance of achieving a good work-life balance 

* How to reduce the risk of stress-related-illness 

Workshop Content 

During this 3 hour workshop we will provide you with an overview of personal stress awareness by: 

* Defining stress – what does it mean to you? 

* How and why our bodies react to stress 

* Identifying stress indicators 

* The relationship between performance and stress 

* Factors that affect our stress levels (lifestyle, change, personal characteristics) 

* Examine work-life balance and consider ways to introduce more balance 

* Understand what resilience is, where it comes from and how to build and maximise your own 

* Reduce your risk of illness and burn-out by embracing the key principles of physical resilience 

* Tips for self-regulation in stressful situation 


“We seem to be going through so much change at work, I have found myself struggling to keep up and cope with the demands being placed on me. This morning has been so useful to make me think about the physical impact this stress is having on me and has helped learn ways to deal with all the changes”

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