Principles of Insurance

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This day is designed to build upon the basic knowledge obtained at the beginning of a career in insurance and develops the content of introductory workshops that are available to a more in-depth level.

This course is for those who have spent six months or more in insurance and who are looking to strengthen their technical knowledge would find this workshop to be of great interest. This workshop would particularly benefit those who are embarking upon CII examination studies.

What we will cover

  • The concept of insurable interest – how it occurs, what it is and when it is necessary
  • Modern approaches to the principle of “utmost good faith”
  • Indemnity and its corollaries of subrogation and contribution
  • When indemnity is not indemnity and why
  • The principle of proximate cause demonstrated by numerous examples and case studies

This workshop is highly participative and includes a wealth of case studies and exercises for the delegates to complete. There will also be a post-workshop test to ensure that the delegates have grasped the information and principles discussed during the workshop.

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    By the end of this course you will:

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    Describe the six principles of insurance

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    Explain what action the insurer may take if utmost good faith is breached

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    Regularly verified and updated by our subject matter experts.

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    Explain how the principles relate to your day to day work

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