Building Effective Teams

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This 1-day module is for those looking to build and effective team and to also create a culture off effective team working, participation and strong team relationships.

As a result of participating in this workshop, delegates will develop the skills needed to recognise both their personal strengths and weaknesses and those of their wider team; to encourage their team members to acknowledge and value the attributes of colleagues and the motivation to encourage their teams to play a role in determining their future direction.

What we will cover

  • What makes a successful team dynamics?
  • Understanding teamwork – understanding the difference between ‘groups’ and ‘teams’
  • The characteristics of effective teams
  • Promoting goal clarity and commitment
  • Making the most of the team’s resources
  • The building blocks for effective teamwork
  • The stages of team development.
  • The leader’s role in building and developing the team
  • Establishing team processes, structures and ground rules
  • The role of conflict in team working
  • Team roles – the impact of individual styles, their strengths and potential
  • The mature team – balancing the needs for ‘support’ and ‘challenge’
  • Inter-team competition, communication and co-operation
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By the end of this course you will:

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Identify your individual and team’s skills and attributes

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Identify ways that you will support individuals to develop your team skills further

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State which team roles are necessary to make a team work well

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Understand how to develop a team to high performance

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Identify your management style

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Describe alternative management styles and when they would be appropriate

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Delegate effectively

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Create an action plan on how to develop more effective communication within your team

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Identify actions for enhancing your teams’ relationships with other parts of your organisation

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Prepare a personal action plan for implementing and improving team participation and team working skills

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