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Our huge range of e-learning courses can be delivered and accessed via our market-leading Learning Management System or integrated seamlessly with your own LMS or HR platform.

With its fresh, easy to navigate and intuitive interface, our LMS delivers interactive and engaging course content, with over 200 courses available to choose from in the catalogue.

Our LMS enables learners to complete CPD via e-Learning or Webinars & Workshops

It is the only industry-specific people development platform that allows learners to complete their CPD and personal development via their preferred learning style. We have over 8,000 active learners and offer 24/7 access to hundreds of courses via any device. Categories include:

  • Compliance
  • Business skills
  • Soft skills
  • Personal development
  • Wellbeing
  • Industry news

Knowledge checks, assessments, and on-demand reporting

A key benefit of the LMS is that it offers you the ability to check regulatory knowledge and learning course status across your organisation at any time.

With its SMART administration tools, you can also access full end-to-end control and on-demand reporting whenever you need to, enabling managers to easily keep on top of compliance requirements.

    Additional benefits offered

    With our platform, you can take control of your team’s training and professional development with our flexible LMS white labelling and digital content licensing options.

    • Fully white labelled portals available
    • Ability to upload courses and create your own LMS
    • Content Licensing Agreements (for clients with own LMS)


    I’m with another provider, can I keep my existing training history?

    They are, we have a team of in-house trainers here at Zing365 who regularly review and update the course modules. We keep you informed via our monthly newsletter which courses have been updated that month.

    I have various teams within the business that all require different learning, can this be managed?

    Definitely, we can set up Groups for each of your teams. You will be able to enrol entire Groups onto courses at the same time, along with producing individual reports should you wish to do so.

    Can I access the LMS on the go?

    Yes, the platform is fully responsive and works on smartphones and tablets.

    How are the courses certified and how do I know the content is up to date?

    All compliance courses are reviewed and approved by our subject matter experts in the relevant fields to ensure compliance with legal requirements. We also work with content partners to ensure the accuracy of business skills and leadership & management courses, some of which are ILM recommended. We review all of the content on an annual basis and update any compliance modules as soon as there are regulatory changes.

    Which parts of the courses can be tailored to meet our specific business needs, and what are the costs?

    All elements of the courses can be edited to meet your specific needs. Branding, content, images and text can all be edited, this will require a customised dashboard and development costs for the changes required to the course. The price will vary depending on the level of customisation.

    What kind of reports or evidence do I get as a manager?

    Self-service reporting dashboards are available to all managers and provide live information on direct and indirect reports. Individuals can also be granted access to business wide reports if required. Reports can be scheduled and sent in excel format via email or downloaded from the system.

    If we are being audited, can the LMS platform provide me with evidence of the training?

    Yes, reports are available for all course completions and can be used for CPD training where relevant. You can download the report to excel whenever you want, or to help you manage compliance you can set up a schedule/routine for the platform to automatically email the report to you on a monthly/weekly/daily basis.

    You don't have a course covering the topic I want, what can you do?

    We offer a full design process for any content you require. We would be happy to sit and discuss the requirements with you and provide an informed quotation.

    Can the platform remind our learners when they need to complete training?

    Yes, as part of the standard licence fee we can configure deadlines and automated reminders for compliance courses.

    What support will my users get?

    Support is provided by email and follow up calls when required. We respond to all queries with 2 business days.

    What our clients say about us

    Crawford & Company

    "We recently worked with Zing365 to develop a customised training programme for our senior managers at Crawford & Company. By developing a strong relationship between Crawford & Company and the Zing365 training & account management teams, they truly took the time to understand our specific business needs and as a result created a programme that exceeded all our expectations.

    The course had practical application and activities that were tailored to our company and values, cementing the learning, and encouraging transfer to the workplace. The feedback from our senior managers has been overwhelmingly positive. We are now rolling the programme out to other areas of the business due to its success. The mentorship and guidance throughout the process was invaluable and we highly recommend their services and look forward to working on future projects together."

    Kentro Capital Limited

    The Kentro Capital group of companies offer colleagues a range of opportunities for professional development, including activities which support their mental health and wellbeing. We engaged our partners at Zing on various occasions to facilitate workshops to help individuals understand themselves and each other better, and to feel confident in expressing themselves and their needs at work.

    The feedback we received from participants in these events was entirely positive. Almost all participants reported having learnt something new about their colleagues during these events. The majority reported they learnt options for improving their experience at work and new ways to express themselves and their needs. Many indicated the session motivated them to participate in other development activities. Some said, after the session, they felt empowered to ask for what they needed to be effective at work and more engaged with their work than before.

    One of the business leaders whose team participated in a Zing workshop observed, "Matt was a fantastic presence in the training and was quick to make the entire team feel comfortable. We all went in open minded but were expecting to find out more about ourselves and each other than ways to actually apply what we had learnt to improve personal and professional relationships. We have all managed to improve our approach to our individual brokers and markets, all seeing successes. Matt also did a follow up meeting with the team which allowed us to ask any questions on things that may not have gone as expected and, from that, we managed to improve yet again."

    Polygon Damage Control

    "Within the last year I have had direct dealings with the Digital Learning team at Zing365. Quite quickly I was able to establish that the system had the flexibility to fulfil our needs at the time and therefore we went ahead and migrated our historical data to Zing’s customisable learning portal.

    I have always found the company very easy to deal with and would like to add special thanks to Colin and Bradley who have and continue to support me on our journey, they have never failed to respond promptly and to my satisfaction. In addition, they are both very customer focused and are able explain things in a straightforward way and have been a pleasure to work with."

    Feedback from our webinars and workshops

    "I found the presentation well-presented and engaging, with good visual content. The element of participation kept it engaging and led to good conversation points."

    "Definitely a very interesting course and I will be revisiting the content to help me to be aware of how this will benefit my job role and myself personally."

    "A well-paced informative session that it may be useful to view again as there will be other bits I may have missed whilst writing copious notes!"

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