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Employee training is crucial for any organisation, particularly in the current turbulent economic times. Inclusive training helps businesses keep up with changing consumer trends and insights, attract and retain great talent, stay compliant, and improve the overall operational performance. Regular training equips a business workforce with the latest skills required to work efficiently and productively. The wide range of training programmes offered by Zing365 will ensure you are able to enhance individual and team performance, improve communication and collaboration as well as providing additional benefits such as increasing employee loyalty and higher employee engagement.

Types of training for corporate and SME organisations

Training programmes offered by Zing365 include topics such as sustainability initiatives like ESG, and updates on new regulations coming into force. SME training also focuses on soft skills and business skills for enhancing team performance, communication and collaboration. Internal – or train the trainer style – training courses are cost-effective, giving organisations different benefits such as increasing employee loyalty, higher job satisfaction levels, and better crisis management, being prepared in advance for any risks the business may encounter. For these reasons, continuously training employees should be at the top of every corporate or SME’s priority list to ensure a strong future for the business.

How we deliver these courses

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Instructor-Led Training

Interactive, engaging face-to-face or virtual training

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Delivered via our Learning Management System or yours

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Webinars & Workshops

Engaging live learning webinars and workshops delivered by our in-house trainers and subject matter experts

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Tailored and personal training to build confidence and skills

Environmental, Social and Governance

Our ESG foundational box set is tailored to help your employees better understand the fundamentals of ESG including; what ESG is, its importance for modern-day business practices, how it relates to key stakeholders and the role that they play as an employee in hitting your organisational ESG goals.

The box set is made up of eight 10, 15 and 20-minute modules making up a full two hours of CPD.

    Insights Discovery

    Each person employed by your business is unique – they bring different styles, needs and expectations. In these differences lie great strength!

    Using the Insights Discovery workshop will allow individuals and the team to understand and appreciate these differences. By understanding more about self, about others and how to bring together and build upon those different strengths, we can help you to achieve your organisational, team and personal goals.

    Thought leadership

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