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Training Toolkits – a unique approach ‘Designed by us – Delivered by you’

Covering any topic, Zing365’s Training Toolkits are designed to empower individuals within your organisation to deliver quality, relevant and engaging ‘bite-size’ courses, whenever and wherever they are needed.

We take your priorities, terminology and ‘real world’ scenarios, then apply the most relevant training models, to build materials that can be delivered effectively by non-training professionals. Working together we strip away all the generic jargon that surrounds so many topics to deliver focused training that is highly participative and packed with insights, tips and techniques that are totally relevant and instantly usable. Not only does this help your training budget go further, but we find it boosts confidence, embeds learning and builds leadership in your workforce.

Creating the perfect training toolkits

Our Training Toolkits include:

      • Workshop outline and joining instructions
      • Delegate handouts
      • PowerPoint slides (including audio recordings)
      • Trainer guide
      • Case studies/videos/audio/activities
      • Commit to Action’ sheets

Training Toolkit topics

We will work with you to create the perfect toolkit. Pick 8 modules from our menu, either focusing on a headline category, or mix and match modules from across categories to create your own personalised toolkit. Our topics include:

  • Business Skills
  • Manager Development
  • Customer Service
  • Commercial Acumen
  • Coaching & Development
  • Employee Wellbeing
  • Insurance Distribution Directive
  • Sales and Business Development

Once you’re happy with the topics and materials, we arrange a launch day and a follow-up Train the Trainer day with managers, to ensure early engagement and that your people are confident and ready to roll-out your Toolkit to their teams.

    Benefits of our Training Toolkits

    Whilst your managers will be experts in their specific roles, we recognise that they may not be experienced training facilitators. Our team will be there to train and support them, getting your managers up to speed by providing coaching and branded guidance on how to deliver effective bite-size learning. They will also have access to a full suite of materials, including process guides and ‘Trainer Tips’ through your own portal.

    Training programmes offer several benefits for both organisations and individuals. For organisations, programmes can be a cost-effective way to develop in-house training capabilities. By teaching a small group of employees to train others, businesses can save on the costs of using external trainers. In addition, training programmes can help to ensure that training is delivered in a consistent and standardised way.

    For individuals, programmes can provide an opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge. They can also lead to career advancement opportunities, and individuals who successfully complete these programmes often find themselves in high demand as trainers and facilitators.

      Our Toolkits

      Zing’s training courses and toolkits are available online and offline, all designed to:

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      Provide all line managers with the skills and resources required to deliver core soft skills training

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      Improve engagement and performance standards of staff across all locations

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      Help create a culture of proactive learning

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      Ensure consistency of quality and delivery across all departments and locations

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      Enable managers to build and develop the skills required to deliver great service, retain clients and generate growth opportunities

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      Save valuable training department time and resource - it takes ages to create great training materials!


      Who are Training Toolkits for?

      Training Toolkits are designed to enhance both individuals’ and organisations’ training capabilities. By empowering internal team members with training skills, companies can save valuable time and resource, and can ensure the adoption of a continual and proactive learning culture.

      How do I access the Training Toolkits?

      Accessed via your secure online portal, your managers will be provided with the following resources for every workshop:

      • Workshop outline and joining instructions
      • Delegate handouts
      • PowerPoint slides (including audio recordings)
      • Trainer guide
      • Case studies/videos/audio/activities
      • ‘Commit to Action’ sheets
      • Certificates

      What our clients say about us

      Crawford & Company

      "We recently worked with Zing365 to develop a customised training programme for our senior managers at Crawford & Company. By developing a strong relationship between Crawford & Company and the Zing365 training & account management teams, they truly took the time to understand our specific business needs and as a result created a programme that exceeded all our expectations.

      The course had practical application and activities that were tailored to our company and values, cementing the learning, and encouraging transfer to the workplace. The feedback from our senior managers has been overwhelmingly positive. We are now rolling the programme out to other areas of the business due to its success. The mentorship and guidance throughout the process was invaluable and we highly recommend their services and look forward to working on future projects together."

      Kentro Capital Limited

      The Kentro Capital group of companies offer colleagues a range of opportunities for professional development, including activities which support their mental health and wellbeing. We engaged our partners at Zing on various occasions to facilitate workshops to help individuals understand themselves and each other better, and to feel confident in expressing themselves and their needs at work.

      The feedback we received from participants in these events was entirely positive. Almost all participants reported having learnt something new about their colleagues during these events. The majority reported they learnt options for improving their experience at work and new ways to express themselves and their needs. Many indicated the session motivated them to participate in other development activities. Some said, after the session, they felt empowered to ask for what they needed to be effective at work and more engaged with their work than before.

      One of the business leaders whose team participated in a Zing workshop observed, "Matt was a fantastic presence in the training and was quick to make the entire team feel comfortable. We all went in open minded but were expecting to find out more about ourselves and each other than ways to actually apply what we had learnt to improve personal and professional relationships. We have all managed to improve our approach to our individual brokers and markets, all seeing successes. Matt also did a follow up meeting with the team which allowed us to ask any questions on things that may not have gone as expected and, from that, we managed to improve yet again."

      Polygon Damage Control

      "Within the last year I have had direct dealings with the Digital Learning team at Zing365. Quite quickly I was able to establish that the system had the flexibility to fulfil our needs at the time and therefore we went ahead and migrated our historical data to Zing’s customisable learning portal.

      I have always found the company very easy to deal with and would like to add special thanks to Colin and Bradley who have and continue to support me on our journey, they have never failed to respond promptly and to my satisfaction. In addition, they are both very customer focused and are able explain things in a straightforward way and have been a pleasure to work with."

      Feedback from our webinars and workshops

      "I found the presentation well-presented and engaging, with good visual content. The element of participation kept it engaging and led to good conversation points."

      "Definitely a very interesting course and I will be revisiting the content to help me to be aware of how this will benefit my job role and myself personally."

      "A well-paced informative session that it may be useful to view again as there will be other bits I may have missed whilst writing copious notes!"

      Our Clients

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