Assertiveness & Personal Impact

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Your personal impact is your personal brand. It’s how other would describe you, not necessarily how you would describe yourself.

A big part of our personal impact is how we effectively express ourselves, our thoughts and opinions. Being able to do this effectively contributes to your personal impact and the positive lasting impression you give to others.

This session is designed to help you enhance your assertiveness with others, making your more efficient and effective when collaborating, ensuring you are appreciating others perspective and expressing yourself clearly.

You will have a look at some practical tools to use to take away implement in to your working days.

What we will cover

  • Understanding Assertiveness – what assertiveness is and isn’t
  • Skills of Assertiveness and reasons to use assertive techniques
  • Putting yourself across effectively
  • Making a positive impact and lasting impression
  • Positive and effective communication skills in being assertive and influencing others– how to make a great and more confidence and positive impact on others through verbal and non-verbal means.
  • The main assertive/influencing/ Personal Impact Styles
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By the end of this course you will:

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Identify and understand the need for assertiveness

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Build personal confidence, selfesteem and improve their personal impact and interaction with others

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Understand the differences between aggressive, non-assertive and assertive behaviour

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