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Liability is a fascinating subject which has developed over centuries by case precedence and statute. In recent years as we become a more aware and litigious society, case law and legislation have developed and as a result this part of the civil justice system is complex & wide reaching.

This course aims to delve deeply into the civil tort of liability and how it has been shaped over the years.

We will consider the exposures that the liability class of insurance may face together with legislation that applies. We will also look at how the law has changed in recent years and how that affects the insurance industry. We will also examine the challenges that both the customer and the underwriter face and the management of risk in this area.

It is a course most suited to those who have experience in the insurance industry and a familiarity with liability Insurance. Although those with limited or no knowledge will benefit from the course.

What we will cover

  • Civil law & the tort of Liability
  • Risk Management framework around Liability Insurance
  • Main underwriting considerations of Liability Insurance
  • Employers’ Liability; Public Liability
  • Risks
  • Extent of cover
  • Legislation
  • Underwriting & rating considerations
  • MOJ reforms
  • Claims portal process
  • New limits
  • Implications of the Enterprise & Regulatory Reform Act 2013
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By the end of this course you will:

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Have an in-depth understanding of the Liability risks market and secure an effective insurance solution for your customers.

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Demonstrate a good understanding of how best to approach a liability risk & the factors which need to be considered

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Feel more confident in offering effective solutions to customers who need liability insurance

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