Negotiation Skills

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This 1-day module will help programme participants develop their skills and techniques to become more effective Negotiators and improve confidence and results. It aims to change attitudes and behaviours when it comes to influencing and persuading others and negotiating effectively and competently.

It will allow delegates to prepare and execute effective negotiations by following tried and tested methods and skills. The session will look at both internal and external negotiation scenarios.

What we will cover

  • Types of negotiation and negotiating style – Defining Your Negotiation Style
  • What makes a good negotiator / negotiation and the negotiator
  • An awareness of the importance and financial impact of competent negotiation
  • Planning negotiating strategy
  • Core methods and tactics of negotiating
  • Your personal negotiation style and tactics – adjusting your negotiation style for different situations and steering the bargaining process by staying focused and adapting your style when necessary
  • Packaging the deal in the most appropriate way and strengthening your position
  • Dealing with Difficult Negotiators
  • Keeping the relationship and achieving the desired result with  maximum business and commercial benefit
  • Closing the negotiations and achieving the desired result with maximum benefit
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By the end of this course you will:

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Define your negotiating style and develop your confidence

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Build rapport and improve relationships

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Adjust your negotiation style for different situations

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Adapt a proactive approach to negotiating with others

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Deal with internal or external negotiations in an adaptive or consultative manner

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Understand the needs and interests of all parties

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Confidently direct negotiations towards the desired outcomes

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Better understand the strategies of the other side

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Create a stronger negotiating position

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Avoid being cheated and conduct negotiations with confidence

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Deal with experienced and difficult negotiators effectively

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Understand decision making triggers

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