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Now that so much of life has moved online, strong communication skills are even more important in the digital workplace.

Ever had a response from an email that you were not expecting? Many people are required to write reports or proposals as a regular part of their job – reports to the board, monthly reports, research reports, and proposals to customers. They are a standard management tool without which it would be impossible to be function efficiently.

Despite this, most people are never formally taught how to write them. Once you learn the skills of professional business writing covered in this course, you are far more likely to get the results you want..

What we will cover

  • Prepare, write and edit a report
  • Concise writing and language
  • Clarifying the reader’s needs
  • Understanding what you want to achieve in your writing and getting your point across
  • Define your writing objectives for your audience – what do you want them to know, do and feel
  • Make life easy for the reader by using clear and logical structure
  • Structure a proposal
  • Structure and research formal reports
  • Use “plain English”
  • Edit your report for accuracy and clarity
  • Make it look inviting to read
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By the end of this course you will:

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Understand the different types of professional writing that may be required

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Build confidence and grow credibility
and personal brand

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Know how to prepare, write and edit a written report

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