Managing & Influencing Stakeholders

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At the heart of managing change successfully, is the ability to manage and influence stakeholders successfully, whether they are your clients, leaders, external partners or suppliers.

This workshop will help delegates to understand how to manage expectations, use influencing techniques and adapt styles to suit stakeholder preferences, learn to negotiate win-win strategies with stakeholders to help execute plans successfully and use key frameworks and techniques when working with stakeholders.

Leading change is both an art and a science. It requires you to employ a range of skills to open doors, engage others, increase their readiness to change, overcome resistance and build trust and a range of practical tools to help you do that.

What we will cover

  • Managing Expectations
  • Sources of expectations
  • Controllable expectation creators
  • Uncontrollable expectation creators
  • Process for managing expectations
  • Assess the preferences of key stakeholders and understand motivations for goals
  • Influencing strategies to support conversation and achievement of tasks
  • Techniques for negotiating and the premise of winwin strategies
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By the end of this course you will:

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Discover how to use and implement key frameworks and techniques when working with stakeholders

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Understand influencing techniques to use and adapting your style to stakeholder preferences

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Learn skills to negotiate for Win strategies with stakeholders

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