Running An Effective Hybrid Meeting

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As many organisations move to a more hybrid way of working, a key challenge is how to run effective hybrid meetings.

Requiring careful facilitation to ensure everyone has an equal experience and opportunity to contribute.

Without an effective approach hybrid meetings can lead to ‘presence disparity’, where those attending remotely have a poorer experience than those who attend in person.

With the right setup, a well thought-out agenda, and first-class facilitation, you can run hybrid meetings that are engaging, productive, and enjoyable for all.

What we will cover

  • Identify the challenges of running a hybrid meeting
  • Create an inclusive environment where all voices can be heard
  • Upskill your facilitation skills to manage and steer your meetings
  • Ask your audience to play its part – assign tasks and give instruction
  • Demonstrate effective time management skills and stick to the timings
  • Understanding ‘Presence Disparity’ and what its means in practice
  • Make SMART use of technology including tools such as Webex and Teams
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By the end of this course you will:

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Identify how technology can support your hybrid meetings

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Understand how to help attendees feel included and be “present”

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Understand the planning and considerations needed for successful team meetings

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