New Starter Insurance Training Programme


New Starter Training Programme

It can be difficult task trying to recruit someone to join your team, especially in today’s climate. So the thought might have crossed your mind to change your recruitment strategy. Instead of recruiting someone with the relevant insurance experience by trying to convince them to move, why not look outside of the insurance market? What about the general financial service industry? Or even someone in retail with excellent customer service skills? But there’s one problem – you need to train them to a level of competence that will not cause customer detriment.

Here at Zing, we understand your dilemma. Should you be in a position to change your recruitment strategy, we can provide a new starter training programme that will provide the knowledge to those without any insurance experience, to a level of competence where you can be confident that they will be able to provide good advice, and good customer outcomes. The course can be made up from any of the modules outlined opposite, so you can bespoke the programme based on your business, the products you sell and the complexity in which you would like your new recruits to work on.

Each module will be a 1 day course, and can be delivered through a blended approach if needed.

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